Complete Health and Self-Care

with Ayurveda and Kundalini Yoga

Experience deep healing, restore hormone health, rejuvenate inner organs, reduce inflammation and improve digestion with the stellar practices of Kundalini yoga, body-nourishing wisdom of Ayurveda and remarkable yogic lifestyle teachings.

Each class is a workshop-quality experience, with Yogic and Ayurvedic teachings and the physical practice of Kundalini Yoga, breathwork and meditation specific to the way women’s bodies and minds function.

Pick your start date: registration is ongoing until full capacity is reached.

Available start dates are: Oct 17, Oct 24, Oct 31 and Nov 7. Classes run until Dec 19.

Thursdays, 7:00-8:30pm

Kingsland Hall, 505 – 78 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

REGISTER via Eventbrite or eTransfer to support@YogicHealingSchool.com. Single class drop-in: $25.

Healthier Hormones

    • Practices for hormone wellness were instrumental in original yogic sciences as hormones were considered to be the guardians of health and the governors of the quality of life
    • Restore the hormonal balance with yogic and Ayurvedic practical guidelines
    • Learn pranayama practices that work effectively at resolving hormonal imbalances

Wellness through Women’s Menstrual Cycle

    • Fertile years, perimenopause, menopause, post-menopause
    • Relieving menstrual discomfort with home remedies
    • Self-care and well-being through perimenopause

Health of Pelvic Floor Organs

    • Essential care of ovaries
    • Preventing ovarian cysts, helping dissolve cysts and fibroids
    • Bladder and kidney health
    • Resolving repetitive UTIs
    • How painful conditions relate to stagnant praṇa
    • How stagnant praṇa develops and how to resolve it

Digestive Health + Nutrition for Women

    • Create flawless digestion of food, absorption of nutrients and constipation-free elimination
    • Diet and nutrition for women’s health
    • Important Ayurvedic herbs and formulations for women’s health

Breast Health

    • Essential care of breasts
    • Prevention of breast cancer

Weight Loss and Metabolism

    • Improve metabolic processes in the body
    • Bring the body to the perfect weight balance for YOU

Women’s Energy and Fatigue

    • Top nutrition and supplement strategies to elevate women’s energy levels
    • Learn the relationship between lunar energy and feminine energy


    • Working with the root of stress
    • Releasing the impact of stress from the body; managing cortisol, adrenal glands and general health weakened by stress
    • Strategies for stress-related eating and cravings

Self-Care through Life-Cycles

    • Every 18 years, the physical body goes through a process of maturity and change. In yogic teachings, it is called the Cycle of Life Energy. The physical care, nutrition and activity required in each 18-year segments of life are different.
    • Spiritual aspects in a woman’s life and her healing

Foundation of each class are the practices from Kundalini yoga for endocrine system (hormones), including thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, thymus (immune system). 

Registration and Participation

REGISTER via Eventbrite or eTransfer (no Eventbrite fees included) to support@YogicHealingSchool.com

Our classes are a community of wonderful women, learning how to take care of their bodies, practicing yoga and meditating together. The practices extend beyond the yoga mat into a daily life, so be ready for significant changes in your wellness if you act on them.

“If you know and don’t do, you don’t know” Yogi Bhajan.

  • Investment: $210 for 10 weeks; $195 for 9 weeks; $175 for 8 weeks 
  • $25 drop-in

Receive 10% off any registration option if singing up with a friend who is new to Yogic Healing School (you AND a friend receive 10% off the registration price each). NOTE: your friend must not have taken any classes from Yogic Healing School in the past. Each of you can use the discount code FRIEND and must email us the name of your friend.

No prior yoga experience is needed.

The classes are LGBTQ friendly and all are welcome!

Please, note refunds minus $25 processing fee are available only 7 days prior to the start of classes.

Enjoy this opportunity, by the end of the year 2019, to learn how to care for your body, to implement the best practices from health-giving traditions of Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda and to meet the new year with a much greater energy and physical vitality.