Kundalini Yoga and Meditation:

Brilliant Mind and Peace Within

Step onto the fastest path to growth and personal victory with the most potent, life-altering Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practices available.  This winter we dive into the stellar KRIYAS and extraordinary yogic MEDITATIONS that invoke clarity, intuition, neutrality, inherent wisdom and luminous sense of peace. As a result, experience the true nature of your inner space – the radiant pure mind that is at rest with all there is.

Tuesdays, Kingsland Hall, 505 – 78 Ave SW, Calgary, AB; drop in $20

Winter classes at a glance:

Jan 14, TUESDAY: 10 Super Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips from Yogi Bhajan for the New Year

  • Discover Yogi Bhajan’s best advice for health, sexual rejuvenation, top anti-aging treatment, greatest support for the periods of change and hard times, and many more.
  • Practice a prosperity kriya to open the heart and call in a beautiful bountiful new year.

    Jan 21, TUESDAY: Vigorous Immune System – part 1: Keys to Immunity from Yogi Bhajan

    • Learn immune building herbs, nutrition and recipes given to students by Yogi Bhajan
    • Practice super-immunity kriya #1
    • Part 2 Immune System with Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine is a section of Thursdays series. All are welcome to drop in on a Thursday ($20) or register for both classes a week to access all or any specialty workshops

      We need immunity not only for cold & flu, but to beat yeast, UTI’s, nerves-destroying viruses, cancer and so much more! Join any one or both of these classes for the most comprehensive approach to developing your immunity.


      Jan 21 – Mar 10, TUESDAYS: Brilliant Mind and Peace Within: Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Yogic Teachings to Clear Mental Channels and Restore Peace

      We finished last year with a precious meditative experience, and in 2020, Tuesday’s Kundalini Intensive will bring more classes like this.

      • Take your yoga and meditation practice to work with the root cause of all happiness and unhappiness – the mind itself. Develop a mind that is “untouched by negativity as a lotus leaf by water” (Bhagavat Gita)
      • Partake in a few never-taught before classes on mystical herbalism of Yogi Bhajan and Ayurveda – the herbs that cleanse awareness, restore clear quality of mind, promote devotion, heal grief, and rejuvenate the aging brain. These provide an amazing nourishment for the brain and mind. We will taste some of them made into tea as well!

      Class Structure, Location and Times

      The classes are structured as a combination of extraordinary yogic practices, breathwork, meditation and learning experience, community feel and yogi tea! The goal of the classes is to empower oneself to master own mind, well-being and life. Held on TUESDAYS, 7:00 – 8:30PM in a beautiful and cozy Kingsland Hall, 505 – 78 Avenue SW. No prior yoga experience is needed.


      • Drop in: $20
      • Add on: 2 complimentary Ayurvedic health consultations for $50 (includes initial health assessment, Ayurvedic health recommendations and follow-up consultation)

      Register via eTransfer to support@YogicHealingSchool.com 


      What can I bring into the event?

      Yoga mat, cushion/pillow for meditation, water bottle, (light blanket – optional)

      How can I contact the organizer with any questions?


      What is different about Kundalini Yoga? 

      Kundalini Yoga is an ancient yogic technology that intentionally directs the energy (through movement, posture, breath, eye focus, mudra and mantra) to achieve a remarkable mental and physical outcome in the fastest way possible. This practice was kept secret for its ability to heal, transform and awaken the highest potential in those who used it.

      Life-Long Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

      • Strengthen the nervous and endocrine systems, give real power to the brain, improve cognitive function and memory
      • Release stagnation out of the body and open up massive energy reserves – awaken your ‘chi’ as a fuel for active living
      • Break the cycle of depression and anxiety, stimulate the release of ‘happy hormones’ and enhance the experience of life
      • Purify mental and emotional blocks that stand in the way of moving forward and creating lasting happiness
      • Transform your relationship with yourself, shift from self-animosity to self-love, from insecurity to self-empowerment
      • Overcome familial and generational patterns, and heal childhood traumas
      • Recover from addictions and let go of self-sabotaging habits
      • Build vast resources of inner strength and capacity to handle challenges and seize opportunities
      • Heighten the intuition and inner knowing
      • Balance and strengthen the whole chakra system
      • Cleanse your energy and increase inner magnetism to attract the right people and the right opportunities in life
      • Shed layers of negativity from the mind, bring forth clarity and neutrality
      • And much more!