Kundalini Yoga – A Platform for Elevating Consciousness

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a yogic science and a precise technology for working with body and mind. The goal of Kundalini Yoga is to elevate one’s consciousness, live in full human potential and become a forklift that uplifts others.

Because of its powerful impact on human totality, this ancient technology used to be kept secret. In late 1960’s Yogi Bhajan arrived to North America from India and saw thousands of young hippies looking to experience a better inner and outer reality. Not knowing other means, they resorted to drugs. This is when compassion and wisdom prompted Yogi Bhajan to break the long-standing tradition of secrecy of certain yogic techniques. He began sharing Kundalini Yoga with these young people and literally got them off drugs. Yogic technology gave them an experience of an authentic self, the always-present inner bliss and woke up in them a sense of personal power. Needless to say, Yogi Bhajan was threatened for revealing the yogic techniques so freely. However, he saw the need to help humanity and followed this duty.

Today we are blessed with an access to this powerful technology. Kundalini Yoga utilizes a full spectrum of techniques to affect one’s psyche, consciousness, physical body and to raise vibration in a fast order. These methods include:


  • Breathwork – a wide variety of potent breathing techniques are used to revitalize body, nervous system and mind. Expanding lung capacity, oxygenating the blood and super-charging your aura are only some of the beautiful effects of pranayama.
  • Postures and movements – most of postures in Kundalini Yoga are combined with dynamic rhythmic movements. They open up energetic channels in the body and strengthen the nervous system, balance hormones and bring health and vitality to all organs in the body.
  • Sound and vibration of mantras – sound and mantra are an important part of experience in Kundalini Yoga. Mantra is a powerful tool to cut though habitual thought patterns and reset one’s mental, emotional and physical states to truth and joy. Chanting instantly opens up the heart and attunes one’s psyche to the higher consciousness that originated the mantra itself.
  • Eye gaze – whether it is focusing your gaze in the third eye between eyebrows, on the tip of the nose or on the crown, each eye position creates a physical stimulus on pituitary and pineal glands and directs energy flow in a targeted way.
  • Mudras – various hand positions have direct connection to different parts of the brain to help stimulate and balance it out. Reawakened brain power is literally in your hands.
  • Meditation – all yoga is a preparation for a meditation. While a Kundalini Yoga set is already a powerful meditative experience on its own, the ending meditation accomplishes a vast array of tasks, from clearing the subconscious mind from traumas, dramas and unhealthy thought patterns to manifesting a greater reality for your being.

A Kundalini Yoga set is called a kriya

A Kundalini Yoga set is called a kriya or ‘complete action’, which means that a precise sequence of yogic techniques will create a specific result upon completion. Since there are thousands of Kundalini kriyas, there are thousands of magnificent outcomes that can be manifested through practice, such as:


  • Prosperity and abundance
  • Physical health and youthfulness
  • Reversing addictions to food, drugs, emotional and mental patterns and other unhealthy behaviours
  • Powering up the brain function
  • Healing heartbreaks and manifesting love
  • Improving intuition and connecting to inner guidance
  • Igniting creativity and sexuality
  • Clearing old karmas and unwanted energies
  • Answering deepest prayers
  • Developing meditative mind
  • Stepping up into the full personal power

Kundalini Yoga Calgary

Approach your practice with an open heart and mind. Be mindful of the emotions and thoughts that arise as a result of the practice – they are clearing out of the subconscious and gifting you true freedom. You are fully in charge of creating your life experiences and Kundalini Yoga is one of the great tools to assist in your journey.

Come join our classes and enjoy the immense benefits.